Diaper Derby
The slowest two minutes in sports

Life Time Diaper Derby

The Life Time Diaper Derby kicks off the race weekend for the New York City Triathlon produced by Life Time. This is a fun-filled event for your little crawlers who will make their way across a 10-foot mat for the chance to be a champion!

BUT no matter who reaches the finish line first, there are no losers in this competition. Dubbed “the slowest two minutes in sports”, the derby will consist of 5 heats of 5 babies. The fastest baby from each heat will then race in the final for top-spot.

Registration is limited to the first 25 babies aged 6-12 months. More information coming soon for the 2023 event.

Event Details

Date: Friday, July 22

Start Time: 1:00 PM ET
Participants must arrive 15 minutes prior to start.

Location: New York Hilton Midtown | 2nd Level, Promenade

Fee: $20

View the “course map” below.

Participant Items

Official Life Time Diaper Derby Onesie


Commemorative Finisher Sticker

Award Categories
Speed Demon – for the fastest baby on-course
Trailblazer – the baby who forges their own path to the finish
Party Pooper – the biggest crybaby on-course
Overall Winners – top 3 finishers in the final heat

Race Rules
1) Registration is restricted to crawling children only (no walking) aged 6-12 months.
2) Athletes must crawl from the start line to finish line across the 10-foot course mat. If an athletes stands up and walks at any time during the race, he/she will be disqualified. The athlete must cross the finish line with both hands.
3) A “coach” must accompany all athletes. Having one coach behind the starting line, and another coach behind the finish line is permissible.
4) Coaches are NOT ALLOWED ON COURSE. However, if any point the race participant bonks (crying, refusal to move, diaper blowout, etc.) permission will be granted to a coach to remove the baby from the field.
5) The athlete may not be pushed to give them a head start
6) All food is prohibited on the track, including dry cereals, bottles, etc.
7) Coaches may use toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc. to entice the baby to crawl. Adults MUST stay behind the lines and will not be allowed in the middle of the crawling area until the race is finished.
8) Athletes will not be timed, however there will be a cut-off time of 7 minutes for each race. If no child has crossed the finish line in the time limit, the child closest to the finish line will be deemed the winner.
9) Decision of the judges is final in all cases. No instant replays.

Photos and videos are encouraged. Spectators interested in attending to cheer on these elites are welcome for free.

Course Map

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