Join the family, make a difference


We couldn’t put on a world-class event like the New York City Triathlon without the help of our volunteers!

Whether you are a returning volunteer, new to the sport, or a seasoned triathlete eager to get a behind the scenes experience, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer throughout the weekend. Volunteering is also a great way to get involved and connect with others in the community, not to mention the sweet perks such as a guaranteed spot to register for the 2022 race! See more below.

2021 Volunteer Spots Opening Soon!


Volunteer in 2021 and receive a priority discounted entry into the 2022 race
All volunteers that complete their volunteer shift during the 2021 race will receive a discounted entry into the 2022 race. In order to be eligible for the guaranteed entry, you must work the shift in its entirety AND sign in and sign out with the Volunteer Team Captain at your designated location. Only one guaranteed entry is given per person. If you work multiple shifts, you will receive one guaranteed entry.

Priority entry explained
A priority entry means you get the opportunity to register for the 2021 race before registration opens for the general public, and therefore are guaranteed a spot in the race. It DOES NOT mean that you get free entry into the race and you MUST register during the time frame we specify.

Can I volunteer and give my priority discounted entry to a friend/family member?
Yes! Simply forward your registration email (sent before registration opens) to your friend/family member. Any entry recipient who is found to have sold their entry will be permanently banned from competing in the Verizon New York City Triathlon.


Volunteer Team Captains (VTC) are responsible for a specific area or task. They act as a part of Race Management and will be in charge of managing a particular area race weekend. All 2021 VTCs will receive guaranteed free entry into the 2021 NYC Triathlon.

VTCs will have a significant amount of responsibility. Prior to race weekend, all VTCs will be required to attend a site visit with race management to review the specifics of the job (for new VTCs). Depending on the position, VTCs may be required to attend a pre-race staff meeting. VTCs will be in charge of communicating with volunteers leading up to the race and will be their direct contact race weekend. They will be expected to manage a particular area and organize their volunteer groups.

VTC applications will open soon.


The Verizon New York City Triathlon will provide charitable contributions to groups of 15+ volunteers. To learn more about group opportunities and how you can earn a donation for your sports team, non-profit, or other organization, please contact volunteer.lifetime@gmail.com.

Have 10 or more but not 15 volunteers? Still reach out to us!


Q: When will I get more information about my volunteer position?
A:  Each volunteer group will be led by a Volunteer Team Captain. Your Team Captain will reach out to you the week prior to the race with more detailed information about your volunteer position, directions to your location and a description of your race weekend responsibilities.

Q: Who will I check in with when I arrive?
A:  You will need to check in and check out with your Volunteer Team Captain when you arrive on-site at your volunteer location.

Q: How do I check in to get credit for my volunteer position to receive my discounted entry?
A:  You MUST check in and check out with your Volunteer Team Captain in order to receive credit for your volunteer shift and be eligible for the guaranteed entry. If you do not check in and check out with your Captain you will not receive the guaranteed entry.

Q: When will I be able to redeem my priority entry?
A:  You will receive an email from the Verizon NYC Triathlon with the link and code to redeem your discounted or free priority entry into the 2022 Verizon New York City Triathlon. Please be sure to add registration@nyctri.com to your list of safe senders to ensure you receive the email.

Plans changed? No longer able to volunteer in 2020?
If you have registered to volunteer race weekend and can no longer attend, please email us at volunteerNY@LT.LIFE. Failure to notify race management prior to your shift that you will not be in attendance will result in a permanent ban from volunteering at the New York City Triathlon.

Contact volunteerNY@LT.LIFE.