Spectator Information
The inside scoop on how to cheer

Athlete Updates

Follow the progress of your favorite athlete on-course by viewing split times on the Results page. Each time the athlete crosses a timing mat on-course, their split time will appear. Note: updates are not ‘live’ and may take a few minutes to refresh. 

In order to get SMS updates when an athlete crosses a timing split on-course, please visit Athlinks to sign up for alerts. SMS updates may experience lag time due to cell signal availability in the area.

The NYC Tri is an extremely friendly race to spectate, with multiple viewing areas and supportive tracking tools to keep families and friends connected to the action.

Best Spots to Cheer

Transition Riverside Park & 101st Street | Upper Level
From the station, head two blocks west to pathway into Riverside Park, then head north on Riverside Drive.
96th and Broadway (1, 2, or 3 train)
Run Course Along 96th Street from Henry Hudson Parkway to Central Park West  If you’re coming from Swim Exit, walk out towards Riverside Drive and head south towards 96th Street. Once on 96th Street, head east for a view of the run. 96th and Broadway (1, 2, or 3 train)
 Run Course You can spectate all along the course, it will be open to spectators and park-goers alike.
Only athletes are allowed on-course!
A, B, or C Train has several stops along Central Park West
Race Finish Center Drive (Dead Road) in Central Park near the Naumburg Bandshell off the 72nd Street Transverse

72nd Street and Central Park West (B or C train)

From East: Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street (F Train)

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