If you plan to race a Life Time Tri event, please watch the video above for insight into the new event rules. These rules will directly impact all participants, first-timers and veterans alike.

All participants must be at least 14 years of age to participate in the New York City Triathlon produced by Life Time. This applies to the International distance and Duathlon distance events.

Event Rules

As part of our continuing commitment to grow the sport of triathlon, Life Time Tri proudly unveiled new event rules prior to the 2018 race season. These rules remain in effect and apply to all triathletes participating in a Life Time Tri event: able-bodied, para, and professional alike.

Like any sport, rules are created to ensure participant safety and fairness in competition. While these remain paramount, this year’s rules will alter some typical competitive standards, as well as modify the way penalties are enforced and assessed in short course triathlon. The new Officiating Program is designed to make the sport simpler, more accessible, and more exciting for new and veteran athletes alike.

All athletes MUST review the rules video and rules book prior to race day.

Wetsuit Rules

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