Triathlon Relay

Introducing the Triathlon Relay for athletes who wish to divide and conquer all three disciplines as a team.

Registered athletes on each team will collectively complete the same course as fellow athletes competing in the International distance New York City Triathlon produced by Life Time.

Relay Details

Whether you are a seasoned triathlon veteran or brand new to the sport, anyone can participate! A team made up of 2 or 3 athletes will each select a leg to complete, collectively conquering the Triathlon.

Athletes will divide and conquer the three legs of the International Triathlon distance course (see below).

Distances to Complete
1500 meter Swim | 25 miles (40k) Bike | 6.2 miles (10k) Run

Start Location
Swimmer – Hudson River at 81st St.
Cyclist & Runner – Relay Pen within Transition

Start Time
Swimmer – Refer to the Swim Start Assignment Chart.
Cyclist & Runner – Remain in the Relay Pen until your teammate arrives with the timing chip.

Click here to learn how to create or join a team. Review the Rules section below for more race details.

Details subject to change.

What’s Included?

  • Finisher medal (each team member will receive)
  • T-Shirt
  • Professionally timed in-person race*

Registration Fee: $390/team

Registration is open until Saturday, September 30, 2023 or until sell-out, whichever happens first.

*Only Overall awards will be given for the Relay option – see below.


1. Relay Teams are formed of 2 or 3 competitors that compete as a team to finish the Triathlon.
2. All rules applying to individual competitors apply to relay competitors except where such rules conflict with specific relay rules.
3. The Team Captain must create the team name and register themselves ONLY. The other team members must individually register themselves for the Relay Race option, selecting their team name during registration.
4. Only one person is on the course at a time; all team members must complete at least one leg of the course.
5. On teams of two, one person must complete two legs; it doesn’t matter which two
6. All team members must come to packet pick up and show photo ID. Members of the team can come together or at different times and each will be given what they need for their part of the event.
7. The team Swimmer will be given an Ankle Bracelet Timing Chip – This ankle chip is the “Team Baton” and must be passed between team members in relay pen within transition. The ankle chip is on a Velcro strap that goes around your ankle.
8. At Packet Pickup, each team member will receive a wristband to get into transition, a t-shirt, and goody bag.
– Only the SWIMMER will receive the colored swim cap and ankle timing chip
– Only the CYCLIST will receive the helmet number and bike frame number
– Only the RUNNER will received the bib number
9. The Swimmer will report to the Swim Start (Hudson River at 81st St) at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned swim start; the Cyclist and Runner must be present in the Relay Pen within Transition before it closes at 7:20 am.
10. All passing of the timing chip ankle bracelet must occur in the relay pen within Transition area.
– The Swimmer will run/walk from the water into the relay pen where they will meet the cyclist to hand off the timing chip.
– The cyclist, who must be ready to go with helmet on, will affix the chip within the relay pen and then run/walk out to the “Bike Out” area. The cyclists MAY NOT mount the bike until they are past the “Mount Line” which is clearly marked outside the transition area. When the cyclist returns, the cyclist must dismount just before the clearly marked “Dismount Line”.
– The cyclist then walks/runs back to the relay pen and passes the timing chip to the runner who must affix it within the relay pen before walking/running to the designated “Run Out” exit.
11. The swimmer and cyclist members should then exit and go to the Finish Line area to cheer in the racers and wait for their runner to come in. There are two options at this point:
– Option 1: swimmer and cyclist remove all gear as well as the bike from the Transition area through the exit on the east side of the Relay Pen (stairs leading up to the Upper Promenade), then head to the Finish Line. No need to return to grab gear during Bike Check-Out.
– Option 2: swimmer and cyclist leave all gear inside their designated racking area and exit Transition through the exit on the east side of the Relay Pen (stairs leading up to the Upper Promenade), then head to the Finish Line. Team members MUST return to Transition during Bike Check-Out (1:00-4:00pm) to remove all gear post-race.
12. Relay swimmers and cyclists wishing to greet their team runner must do so outside the secured course/finish area.
13. All athletes must return the timing chip at “Chip Return” within the Finish chute
14. Each member of the team will receive a Finisher medal. The runner will be handed their medal in the Finish chute. The swimmer and cyclist will receive their medals at the Awards tent in the Finish Festival.


Overall awards will be given to the fastest relay team in the following categories (1st place only):
• Men
• Women
• Mixed (co-ed)
• Paratri Male
• Paratri Female
• Paratri Mixed (co-ed)
• Mixed Paratri/Able-bodied (minimum 2 legs completed by para athlete)

Course Map

Click to enlarge image. Course subject to change.

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