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Swim Course
Set sail on the mighty Hudson


The point to point 1500 meter swim starts on Manhattan’s Westside at 99th Street and the Hudson River. The swim is a time trial start. Athletes swim south and exit just north of the 79th Street Boat Basin before running into transition.

4:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Swim Start Access
6:00 a.m. Transition Yellow athletes must be in their corrals
7:00 a.m. Transition Red athletes must be in their corrals


  • Timing strap must be placed securely around your right or left ankle.
  • Remember your race-issued swim cap, wristband and clothing bag.
  • Give yourself ample time to get from Transition to Swim Start. The Time Trial start format goes faster than anticipated. It’s a one-mile walk from Transition.
  • Drop your clothing bag at a clothing truck near Swim Start. All of the clothing bags will be transported to the Finish Line Athlete Recovery for you to pick up after the race.
  • Listen for final water temperature announcements.
  • Wait in your assigned corral.  Practice swims are not permitted.
  • Jump start for Age Group athletes; dive start for Pros and Premier Amateurs, only.


  • All athletes will be grouped with their assigned Age Group or Division.
  • Per industry standards, Age Groups are determined by your age at the end of the calendar year.
  • Age Groups/Divisions will be filed as a group onto the Start Barge. Athletes will enter the water APPROXIMATELY 15 ATHLETES EVERY 20 SECONDS.
  • Due to tide shifts, the race is jump start only. No diving. Diving is grounds for disqualification.
  • Timing mats will be located at the starting edge of the Start Barge.
  • All athletes will receive a Timing Chip net time from the moment they leave the mats at the edge of the Start Barge until they cross the Finish Line timing mats. The swim time split will start once the athlete leaves the Start Barge timing mats and will end at the Swim Exit Barge timing mats.
  • Transition Yellow athletes enter the water first. There will be a 20-minute gap between Transition Yellow and Transition Red athletes.
  • Any athlete missing their assigned Age Group start will be held until the last start in their corresponding Transition (Transition Yellow/Transition Red) start group.
  • Any athletes missing the last start in their corresponding transition start group (Transition Yellow/Transition Red) will not be permitted to start the race.

SWIM Course Tips

  • Bring enough food and hydration with you to the swim start to stay nourished while you’re waiting for your wave. If you’re in Transition Red this could be a long wait.
  • The race has been wetsuit legal every year, so you will likely be able to wear your wetsuit.
  • If you’re struggling in the swim, raise and wave your arm to get the attention of one of our many swim support teams on surfboards, jet skis and boats. If you need to grab onto a surfboard for a second you may do so without being disqualified, but you can’t make forward progress.
  • Don’t be surprised by the saltiness of the Hudson River!
  • Make sure you’re on time. Any athletes missing their assigned Age Group/Division start will be held until the last wave in their corresponding transition (Transition Yellow/Transition Red) start group. Any athletes missing the last start in their corresponding Transition start group (Transition Yellow/Transition Red) will not be permitted to start the race.

Water Quality

The historic Hudson River is the swim venue for the New York City Triathlon. The Hudson River is the cleanest it has been in 30 years and is considered bathing and recreation quality. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) monitors the testing on a weekly basis in the Hudson River to ensure the water meets the Triathlon’s strict standards. For more information on water quality, log onto www.nyc.gov/dep.

Swim Start Map