Bike Course
Your highway awaits

Bike Course

Ride the West Side Highway up to the Bronx and back. Athletes will enjoy a traffic-free course with expansive views of the Hudson River and Manhattan’s west side.

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Elevation Map

Pre Race Bike Check-In

  • Bike Check-In is mandatory on Saturday, July 23 from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. No bikes will be accepted into Transition race morning. See schedule for check-in times.
  • The race-issued bike number must be on your bike to be allowed into Transition.
  • A non-racer may check in a bike on Saturday if the athlete is unable to do so.
  • Find the rack number that matches your bib number and rack your bike with seat and bike number facing the same direction. Your front wheel should rest on the ground.
  • Athletes are not allowed to personally mark their space with balloons, inflatables, or any other markers. No stationary trainers will be allowed in the transition area.
  • Bikes may not be covered overnight. Any bike covers will be removed by race management.

Bike Course Turn-By-Turn

Athletes will exit the Transition Area at 101st Street and head north on the park path to 105th Street where they will exit out onto the northbound lane of the West Side Highway heading north. Please note: The park path from 101st Street to 105th Street will be a NO PASSING zone. Save the racing for the highway!

Head north on the Highway to the Mosholu Parkway to the turnaround at Gun Hill Road.

Continue south to the turnaround at 56th Street and head back north to 101st Street where athletes will dismount on the Highway and return to Transition.


Gun Hill Road – 10:30 am
Last Bike off the Highway – 11:30 am

Bike Support

  • Show up with your bike ready to race – pumped tires, lubed chain, bar-end plugs, gears and breaks adjusted, and seats and handlebars properly fitted.
  • Mechanics from Trek Bicycles will be available in transition for basic support during bike check-in and on race day.
  • Bike support is not guaranteed. Be prepared to fix your own flat. If you cannot continue, be prepared to wait for the sweep vehicle.