10:15 AM, July, 1 2018

Due to quickly rising wet-bulb and ambient air temperatures, the 2XU New York City Triathlon staff wish to advise all athletes and spectators of the following:

EAS Level
We have elevated the Event Alert System level to HIGH (Red). This means conditions are potentially dangerous. Athletes should slow down and observe course changes and follow event official instructions and consider stopping.

Athletes on or entering the run course are now being diverted from 72nd Street directly into the Finish Line. The abbreviated Run Course will span approximately 1 mile.

Spectators are advised to seek shade and hydrate though the morning – multiple water fountains are available throughout Central Park as well as complimentary beverages available from sponsors/vendors in the Finish Festival. Listen to your body and seek assistance if you need.

Further Updates 
Should conditions worsen, or the EAS level change, please follow staff instruction accordingly. For the most current details, please visit the 2XU New York City Triathlon Facebook page and listen for race day public address announcements.

Thank you for your attention and support. We appreciate your understanding as we implement these changes to provide you with a safe race experience.