Have you ever wondered what triathletes do in order to prepare for the race ahead of them? Well, Laura Gonzalez Ferreira has given us an inside look at what goes through her mind race morning.

“My race morning ritual usually involves going over, and over, and over again all of the items I’ll need in transition. When I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all, I stand next to my gear and close my eyes. I picture myself at each stage of the race, walking towards the swim start, standing in the water or on the barge waiting to hear the horn with my hand on my watch, getting out of the water and peeling off my wet-suit, jogging into transition. Then reaching the very spot I’m standing on, what gear do I need? It’s goggles off, wet-suit off, helmet & sun glasses on, cycling shoes on, number on, and go. Out on the course, I think about the last turn towards transition, slowing down to dismount, running my bike back to the rack, remembering to take my helmet off, grabbing my running shoes, and heading for the finish. This helps me not only visualize the day, and having a successful race, but it’s an easy way to remember if I’ve forgotten something, or if I need to rearrange my gear on my transition towel to be in a more optimal position. I always visualize myself having a fun, strong race, and though I know things can happen (flat tires, blisters, heat, an upset stomach), I know I’m prepared for those situations. I don’t imagine any of them happening, I only imagine the positive, best case scenario, and that’s what I aim for every race day.”

The motivation and determination is what differentiates a triathlete from any other athlete. A big part of being successful on race day is being able to visualize success. Going into the race having already thought about every turning point in the race and seeing yourself succeed at each of these points is something that will set Laura apart from the others.