Karen-ShuThe celebratory post-race meal is probably the most important event race weekend. Head to ABC Kitchen and pay a visit to your fellow athlete Karen Shu, the Chef De Cuisine. You two can compare race notes as you replenish all of the calories you burned with some delicious farm-to-table dishes!

1. When did you discover your love for cooking? My parents were both great cooks. I consider myself very lucky that I ate very well growing up. However, I didn’t realize my love for cooking until I realized that all I thought about was food. In college, instead of immersing myself in my studies, all I could think about was: what time my next break would be? Where am I going to eat? I also kept thinking about the dish I cooked last night (following instructions from cookbooks). Finally, I decided to leave college for cooking school.

2. When did you discover your love for triathlon (specifically the NYC Triathlon 🙂 )? When I found out we were swimming in the cleanest waters of New York City – the Hudson River! I thought the possibility of growing an extra arm, pinky or eye would give me the leverage I need to finish the race in good time 🙂

3. What does your pre-race meal consist of? Banana, chunky peanut butter and cup of steel cut oats cooked with dried cherries, cinnamon, maple syrup and nutmeg.

4. What does your post-race meal consist of? (Maybe something salty and sweet like the Hudson)? I like finishing off the race with fruits since fiber is something we should be avoiding before the race (something like apples, pears or mango). Also my friends greet me with beer, for carb-loading purposes!

5. If you could create any flavor of energy gel, what would it be? Roasted pig with apple sauce hahaha I guess…roasted carrots and coconut would do too.