The-KallasToday’s Feature Athlete post is a tribute to all of our triathlon couples! Kim and Taylor Kallas have been married for 15 years and will be racing their third New York City Triathlon together. We asked them a few questions to see how well they know each other.

Taylor’s responses:

1. What/Who came first Kim or triathlon? Kim
2. What is Kim’s favorite leg of the triathlon? The run (correct)
3. What is Kim’s PR?
Olympic – 2:51 (correct)
70.3 – 6:33 (correct)
140.60 – 14:22 (correct)
4. What is Kim’s favorite energy gel flavor? Orange (correct)
5. What is Kim’s go-to recovery activity? A massage (correct!)

Kim’s responses:

1. What/Who came first Taylor or triathlon? Taylor came first. We have been married 15 years in April. We have three little boys and have been doing triathlons for four years.
2. What is Taylor’s favorite leg of the triathlon? The bike (correct)
3. What is Taylor’s PR?
Olympic – 2:31 (correct)
70.3 – 5:18 (correct)
140.6 – 12:41 (correct)
4. What is Taylor’s favorite energy gel flavor? Taylor’s favorite energy gel flavor is cherry lime, but he will do anything citrusy. (correct)
5. What is Taylor’s go-to recovery activity? I’d say it’s boating and spending time with our three boys. (Wrong! Taylor said wake boarding. But it’s close enough so we will give it to her!)

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