Dan-Cox-thumbnailWe know you’re sitting there wondering, “How did The Bachelor Juan Pablo get those abs?” Well, we have your answer — Dan Cox. Dan and Juan were contestant-mates and work out buddies on the last season of The Bachelorette. Dan completed his first Ironman four months after filming and will be racing his first NYC Triathlon on August 3.

We asked Dan, our first Featured Athlete, five questions to get to know him better. Here’s what he had to say:

1) Why are you excited to race in the NYC Triathlon?
Racing in a different environment than I train in is always exciting.  But, to be able to swim in the Hudson and ride and run through Manhattan and Central Park is going to be like no other race I have done.

2) Who would be your dream training partner?
Probably Andy Potts. He came out on our ferry at Escape From Alcatraz last year. Even though he couldn’t race, he  provided a lot of great insight and couldn’t have been more helpful.  But, if I got to pick one for each leg; Andy Potts for the swim, Lance Armstrong (I know and I don’t care) for the bike, Mirinda Carfae for the run and Ronda Rousey for conditioning/cross training.

3) What is your favorite workout song?
I don’t have one favorite song. I listen to all types of music while training. Right now I’m on a country kick; so some Jason Aldean or Brantley Gilbert.

4) Where is the craziest place you have trained?
I go backpacking about three times a year in mostly third world countries. I’ve had to fit in training in some interesting and amazing places. Some of the craziest experiences have been: running the accent walls of Cartegena, Columbia and Xi’an, China, swimming in Manly, Australia while getting stung by jelly fish on every stroke, or doing Yoga in Varanasi, India.

5) When you’re here in NYC, would you go out of your way to have a Cronut, Magnolia Cupcake or a hotdog from a street vendor?
I don’t have a big sweat tooth, but let’s see what all the Cronut hype is about… after the race.